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Sun Nov 13, 2011 10:37

ok the parents are

according to AI:12b p 442 and AI:13b p 520
Johan Jonsson b. 1784 and Maja Cajsa Jonsdotter b. 1788

his parents; Jon Jonsson b.1747 and Helena Jonsdotter b. 1753
mother in law Anna Hansdotter 1745

Anna Helena b.1814
Jonas 1815
Johan 1816
Erik 1817
Peter (Pehr) 1819
Catharina Christina 1822 dead
Gustaf 1823
Maja Stina 1824
Olof 1825 dead 1825
Olof 1826

  • Peter Johanson translationtlhjch, Sun Nov 13 08:32
    Thanks Elsa, but I can't make out that image either. I guess I will just keep searching until I can find an image that I can read.
    • Peter — ElsaPelsa, Sun Nov 13 10:37
      • Re: Petertlhjch, Sun Nov 13 12:00
        Thank you so much. I could read the children but no matter what image I have found I could not read the parents' names and be sure I had them correct. Thank you again.
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