Re: Augusta Pauline Andersson
Wed Feb 12, 2014 11:56

this is her husbands emigration info,
I think that Herman Andersson is her cousin, has to be checked though

Post 672934

Carlsson, Carl Hjalmar
Dräng (unmarried man)

b. 5/30/1866 in Hanhals, Hallands län (Halland)

Emigrated 5/22/1889
from Torkelstorp, Hanhals, Hallands län (Halland)
to Amerika

Source: Household Examination Roll, p. 229

Emibas migration file ID: Hanhals N 1889 009

they married 1890 dec 31 in Fjärås, Halland
tell me what you think of this

  • Re: Augusta Pauline AnderssonElsaPelsa, Wed Feb 12 11:33
    hi, hope you get this despite it was some time ago. can it be your people? ep Emibas cd Post 688902 Andersdotter, Augusta Paulina Hustru (married woman) b. 10/24/1864 Emigrated 5/17/1892 from... more
    • Re: Augusta Pauline Andersson — Anonymous, Wed Feb 12 11:56
      • Herman and CarlDonna, Fri Feb 14 04:40
        Very kind Swedish genealogists have helped me uncover that Herman is Augusta's younger brother and her husband Carl Hjalmar Carlsson returned after about 18 months to marry Augusta in Dec. of 1891.... more
        • Augusta and CarlElsaPelsa, Sat Feb 15 01:20
          Hi, so I found the right family then I looked at the the wrong Herman Andersson he was born 1864 so assumed that they were not siblings, now I found the right Herman, I cant find him in the deathcd... more
          • HermanAnonymous, Sat Feb 15 04:44
            Hi, I thank you for checking about Herman. I don't have the letter and the family didn't seem to keep it. Unfortunately, I think the people in the family who have the "stuff" are also the ones who... more
            • HermanElsaPelsa, Mon Mar 10 06:07
              Hi again the father died in 1919 and in his estate inventory of 1920 feb. 20 six siblings are mentioned, 3 of them are living abroad no adresses mentioned Johan August Johansson are representing... more
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