Sat Feb 15, 2014 04:44


I thank you for checking about Herman. I don't have the letter and the family didn't seem to keep it. Unfortunately, I think the people in the family who have the "stuff" are also the ones who care little about genealogy and haven't been helpful. All I have are two aunts, one who doesn't communicate and the other is elderly and was very young when all this happened about the letter. So, I am wondering if Herman did inherit money from someone in Sweden, but died in America and then the money went to his next of kin, which would have been my grandmother. That seems the logical explanation. I am going to keep searching, but this may be a mystery for future generations as I am running dry on the clues.
Thank you so much.

  • Augusta and CarlElsaPelsa, Sat Feb 15 01:20
    Hi, so I found the right family then I looked at the the wrong Herman Andersson he was born 1864 so assumed that they were not siblings, now I found the right Herman, I cant find him in the deathcd... more
    • Herman — Anonymous, Sat Feb 15 04:44
      • HermanElsaPelsa, Mon Mar 10 06:07
        Hi again the father died in 1919 and in his estate inventory of 1920 feb. 20 six siblings are mentioned, 3 of them are living abroad no adresses mentioned Johan August Johansson are representing... more
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