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    • more picssteve-p, Tue Aug 7 16:17
      no video yet, but:
      • Re: more picsFrag, Tue Aug 7 20:33
        I found it on the bbc website stream of the match. It's in the 2nd set about 6 or 7 points in. it's a really good one I'm sorry I don't know how to download/capture it yet
        • is it still there?eric, Wed Aug 8 11:35
          show me, and I'll download/post.
        • Re: more picsAnonymous, Tue Aug 7 21:57
          second set of what?
        • Re: more picsAnonymous, Tue Aug 7 21:06
          Was it an ankle or knee injury?
          • Re: more picsAnonymous, Wed Aug 8 00:45
            Volleyball great britan vs Japan. Rolled her ankle
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