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Cast site stories
Sun Dec 30, 2012 14:46

Does anybody knows something about the cast-site-stories page? There are not new stories since August.

    • Re: Cast site storiesAnonymous, Mon Jan 7 08:00
      Why won't it let me register as a user?
      • Re: Cast site storiesAnonymous, Mon Jan 7 08:02
        I'm confused. Which one is down indefinitely? Recortho or cast-site? I can't see recortho without becoming a user and registering to be a user is disabled, and cast-site has nothing new as far as I... more
    • Re: Cast site storiesluvcrutches, Wed Jan 2 09:55
      cast site stories in up and running and with recent posts. recortho is down likely permanentley
    • Re: Cast site storiesstevil666, Mon Dec 31 14:53
      google cast site stories or recortho for the urls, they r the 1st that show up
    • Re: Cast site storiesstevil666, Mon Dec 31 00:33
      its down indefinitely, they started a new 1 on the recortho site with sprain and cast material
    • Re: cast site stories pageChris, Sun Dec 30 17:07
      what is the url of that page. i have never heard of it
      • Re: cast site stories pageankler, Wed Jan 2 14:39
        I have posted a teaser at the head of the board. Would love to hear feedback.
      • Re: cast site stories pageAnonymous, Tue Jan 1 03:58
        That is the url of the old site There are only a few sprain stories more cast and broken bone stories
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