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My first contribution (real story)
Sun Oct 8, 2017 10:01

In July I was strolling through downtown Porto buying clothes and enjoying the sun and the heat.
As some know Porto is a city with many tourists, sometimes I see some tourists with bandages on the ankles and some even on crutches.
But this afternoon was going to be different.
I was passing by the São Bento subway station when I looked at the stairs and saw a girl sitting in the middle of the stairs, and a friend standing at her feet. I passed the first time and did not notice that she was injured or hurt, as I was reaching the bottom of the stairs, I heard an old gentleman asking what had happened, and the friend replied "She twisted her foot."
Obviously I was not going to let this opportunity pass, and I went to them.
They were young +/- 18 and as I am not much older they quickly showed sympathy and some smiles did the rest.
I asked what had happened and the girl replied "that she put her foot down the stairs."
I asked her if it hurt, and she said yes.
I offered to take her to the hospital and she said it was not necessary that she just needed some rest.
Then he told her gently that he was going to take off her All Star, she said it was okay.
Then I took off my sneaker very carefully and holding my foot I asked where it hurt. She said"...

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