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Official website report from Fans Forum
Tue Oct 18, 2016 13:36

In case you missed the report hidden behind a Gareth Ainsworth quote

We will have to wait and see whether the claim regarding the publication of the money received from Liverpool for Jordon Ibe is honoured.

The report says: “but fees will be shown in the club’s accounts when published.”

Based on previous experience,

1. The Club accounts have not been released until around March of the following season. Hence the accounts that would include the Ibe money, would not be seen until the accounts to June 2017 are published. Based on previous performance, around March 2018.

2. ALL previous WWFC accounts have shown the balance of money from transfer dealings, rather than individual figures. e.g. from the accounts until June 2014 (the most recent published on the Trust website), there is a figure of £642,150 for the ‘Profit of disposal of player registrations’.

By a small of detective work this can be related to the sale of Kautney Hause (to Wolves), Charles Dunne (to Blackpool), plus a reported £200,000 from Blackpool to buy out the sell-on fee for Matt Phillips, plus, maybe, some ongoing ‘add-on’ payments from Liverpool for Ibe.

So, the Ibe money will only be easily visible if we buy and sell no further players in the accounting period. If say, for instance, Aaron Pierre were to leave the Club in the January 2017 transfer window and then, let’s take a wild guess and say, it’s for an ‘undisclosed fee’, that would become part of the balance of fees. There is also the possibility of buying players in the same period to add to the confusion.

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