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Football Club Accounts published for 2015/16 season
Tue Mar 14, 2017 14:00

Football Club Accounts published for 2015/16 season

The filing of the Football Club accounts for the 2015/16 season seems to have slipped through the net of normal news channels/email notifications.

The accounts confirm a profit for the 2015/16 season of 472,516, including a surplus from player sales of 809,048.
As expected there is no further breakdown of the player transactions which would have included money in for Matt Ingram and the ongoing payments for Jordon Ibe.

These were filed with Companies House on 27th January 2017

There was a news story published on The Trust website on 16 February 2017

It includes, some might say poignant, quotes from Group Finanace Director Mark Burrell

"WWFC is not required to file its Full Accounts and these are not publicly published in line with the view taken by many other League Clubs who also choose not to place themselves at a competitive disadvantage with their rivals."

"Questions on the accounts were invited at the time of the Finance Forum in December 2016 (after the Trust AGM) and very few people chose to turn up and/or question anything. Should any shareholder, Trust Member or indeed fan of WWFC wish to ask about anything in the Full Accounts, then please contact Mark Burrell by email to"

Direct link to abbreviated accounts

For those who would like to delve deeper into the accounting history of the Club, then the Companies House Beta website currently has a free download facility.

For Wycombe Wanderers Football Club (inc. 2004), see

Click the Filing History for accounts back to 2006.

Frank Adams Legacy Limited (inc. 2011), see

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