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Las Vegas football fan inspired by Wycombe
Fri Mar 17, 2017 23:03

Michael Shevlane, a Las Vegas based, half-America/half-English football fan says he has been inspired to write a song about the Wanderers.

"I am not a Wycombe fan, and I have lived in the USA these past 17 years after growing up a Birmingham fan. However, something about your club really appeals to me, including the fan-owned setup, and I felt inspired to write a club anthem."

Shevlane says he has offered the song to the Trust for free, waiving any royalties or payment. "They were gracious enough to listen to it, but decided that it was not up-tempo enough to be used by them for a pre-match anthem."

It's now being suggested that Manager Gareth Ainsworth may want to 'rock it up' to be played by his band, 'The Cold Blooded Hearts'.

Here's the song

And here's The Boss in action

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