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Wanderers - Nostalgia series in BFP and on Wycombe Sound
Tue Apr 3, 2018 13:24

Wanderers - Nostalgia series in Bucks Free Press and on Wycombe Sound

Mike Dewey, Bucks Free Press volunteer and well-known local historian, published a couple of Wanderers related articles recently via the 'Nostalgia' pages.

The first piece is the start of series of pieces based on articles originally published in the Wanderers programme in the mid 1970's by Alan Hutchinson. Alan's

Wanderers Ex-Players Association colleague John D Taylor is also helping out with the historical content.

The first of the series was published in the 9th March 2018 edition and featured memories of Paul Bates.

Not part of the series, but also with Wanderers content, was published in the 16th March 2018 edition and recalled the history of The Nag's Head - an early HQ for the Wanderers and much later, a famous music venue.

Mike Dewey also gives a 30 minute, or so, summary on Wycombe Sound radio station - broadcast on the last Friday of each month on The Afternoon Show. This is available via the Listen Again function for up to four weeks after the original broadcast date.

On the Friday 30th March 2018 show - starting shortly after 30 minutes into the show - Mike talks about The Nag's Head and Paul Bates from his most recent articles.

Worth a listen at:

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