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Gareth Ainsworth in Norway
Wed Jun 13, 2018 23:32

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This is not about soccer, but both rock and golf, and Trendy QPR fans can join both sides!

Gareth, who played 150 games for QPR between 2003 and 2010, has a friend who runs the Three Lions Pub in Brattørgata in Trondheim city center. There he performs from Thursday to Saturday, 21, 22 and 23 June. Not with football as said, but with a microphone and with a companion on the piano. Gareth is like many want to know an enthusiastic rock musician who, in his QPR era, performed with the band "Dog Chewed The Handle" when time went by. The pictures accompanying this case were provided by our QPR colleague Helge Helgesen who was at a London concert in 2006.

However, time does not extend to the same extent when Gareth is the manager of Wycombe Wanderers, so the band has not seen anyone in a while. However, he uses the football holiday to music and he has an extra good reason to sing for joy this summer. In May, he finally managed to lead his club from League Two to League One. He took over an economically shocked Wycombe in September 2012 and managed to boost this year after having failed in playoff at Wembley last year. After Arsene Wenger took a hint and finished in Arsenal, Gareth is actually no-two in the list of English leagues who have been sitting the longest. He is only beaten by Morecambe colleague Jim Bentley.

We will be a never-so-called (uniformly) truely QPR delegation at the pub Friday 22 June, and it would have been nice if there were more. In addition, there is actually free space at the golf tournament where he will be on Friday and Saturday. Those interested in playing golf with our old hero can sign up by contacting public Adrian Douglas at However, you must do before sunday!

The concerts begin at night at about 2230. It is planned that both Gareth Ainsworth and the rest of the pub clerk will take part in the last World Cup before the music takes over, so it is possible to combine football and music on Three Lions!

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