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Danny Bulman on Tony Adams as Wycombe Manager
Sat Oct 13, 2018 09:57

Former Wanderer Danny Bulman has been credited as being the oldest player, at 40 years old, currently playing in the Football League.

An interview in Telegraph reveals his thoughts on past Managers, including Tony Adams during his time at Adams Park.

“No question he was the worst,” he says. And laughs. “Tony Adams: where to start. John Gorman had been caretaker at Wycombe and we all loved him, he got us playing good football, we were down the bottom, but he gave us belief, we thought yeah, we can get out of this. Adams came in, first meeting we had he said: ‘Guys, we’re down anyway. You’re not good enough.’ I was all about energy at that time, up and down, box to box. First thing he said to me was I don’t want you going into their box more than once a half. I mean I do what I’m told, but that was like – in two statements - sucking the life out of us. And guess what? We went down.”

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