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New Wanderers pictures added to SWOP
Tue Dec 4, 2018 13:26

New Wanderers pictures added to SWOP is a website with close to 27,000 photographs relating to the High Wycombe area.

Those familiar with the website will already know there are numerous Wycombe Wanderers photos – mainly extracted from Bucks Free Press archives but also donated team photos from private collections.

In recent months additional photos have been added from the collection of the late Ron Goodearl. These include several new photos involving the Wanderers and their supporters.

You can use the search function to browse the site.

Unfortunately the SWOP website does not allow embedding of their images in third party websites, so use the search facility to find those described below.

Some of the latest additions include the following:

View of a large crowd of Wycombe Wanderers fans, many sporting rosettes, queuing to board a train, Station Yard, High Wycombe. March 12 1955 [for the Amateur Cup Semi-Final tie against Bishop Auckland at Doncaster).

Search "BFP05016" to find this image

Another image from the same, showing a group of female Wanderers’ supporters about to board the train

Search “BFP65075” for to view this image

Search “Doncaster” for more

Looking NW, a view of a crowd of supporters watching the presentation of the Wycombe Hospital Cup (to Sutton United) at Loakes Park, High Wycombe. 19 May 1951 - image ref BFP60130

Search “Sutton” and “1951” TO find this image and more from the same day

Part of the crowd of 10,000 supporters watching the game against Clapton, which Wycombe won 4-2. Loakes Park, High Wycombe. 26 Jan 1957

Search “BFP65920” To find this image

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