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Wanderers' highest League placing for 17 years
Sun May 5, 2019 10:24

Wanderers' finish of 17th spot in the third tier of English football, with 53 points, is the highest final League placing for The Chairboys for 17 years (2001/2002), when a Wycombe side under Manager Lawrie Sanchez finished in 11th place with 64 points. A massive well-done to all concerned on the playing side.

For the 'students of history', it can be noted that during Wycombe's 25 year spell in the Football League, ALL top ten finishing positions during that time period have come under supporter/non PLC ownership.

During the now infamous period of PLC ownership from 2004 until 2012, the accumulated losses were in excess of 8m (approx. equivalent to 1m per season). Since the Trust take-over in 2012, the accumulated losses have been around 1.5m (approx. equivalent 200K per season). Again, a massive well-done to all concerned over the years of the Trust ownership.

It may be semantics but statements such as, "we need external investment to give us a platform to stabilise the Club financially", is an 'opinion', not 'fact'.

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