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League One sponsorship income revealed....
Sat May 11, 2019 09:30

.. in article from Plymouth Herald.

Each EFL club annually receives a Basic Award Payment, which is the distribution of TV revenue and title sponsorship.

In addition, the Premier League make solidarity payments to EFL clubs from their broadcasting rights.

The figures are not yet confirmed for next season. However, for 2018/19 the Basic Award Payment and the Premier League solidarity payment combined was 1.39 million for clubs in League One and 952,000 in League Two.

The Basic Award Payment does not include facility fees and TV money should a club be selected for live broadcast at any point in the season.

To clarify, Wycombe received 1.39 million last season. There were no live TV games for Wanderers in 2018/19, so no extra income from the 'football fortune' aspect.

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