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Letter to Season Ticket holders from Rob Couhig
Tue Aug 13, 2019 13:12

Wanderers Season Ticket holders for 2019/20 are being sent new cards compatible which are compatible with the new TicketCo QR scanners.

A covering letter from Rob Couhig was included text and image below:

Hey fellow Wanderer,

I've just spent six of the most enjoyable weeks of my life getting to know Wycombe Wanderers Football Club. My wife, Missy, my nephew, Pete, my friend and consultant, Mark Palmer, and I have been warmly welcomed into the club by the directors of both the Club and Trust. The manager, his assistants, and the players could not have been nicer. It's easy to understand why this season opens with such good feelings. The leadership of the business side of the club has been equally open and accessible.

We are extremely excited to be part of a new journey for the Wanderers. I am confident it will be successful in both the short as well as the long term.

You may have read about a lot of the developments which have taken place in a short time around Adams Park, and- believe me- there are a lot more to come. We want this place to offer the best fan experience in the country. The game against Bolton Wanderers earlier this month was a really solid starting point. We knew Gareth and his team would deliver plenty of entertainment. They certainly delivered. It was a hugely enjoyable afternoon to kick things off.

There are plenty of changes taking place behind the scenes as well. All of these are done with the hope and expectation of making your experience more enjoyable. One of those changes occurred in the two weeks before the Bolton game. It was the introduction of a brand-new cloud-based ticketing platform. We are among the very first teams to utilize it in the UK. It comes to us as a result of our new partnership with TicketCo. This really smart piece of technology will make it a lot easier, quicker and cheaper to buy tickets than queuing up at the window for a paper ticket. There are a lot more benefits for fans which the team in the office will be rolling out in the coming weeks; all designed to make things better for you.

As part of the implementation of the new system, it meant we needed to re-issue your season ticket. I know you received your old tickets a long time ago so it's a pain to have to change them over. The good news is that the new ones carry a QR code which will be compatible with the new scanners at each turnstile making entrance much faster for everyone. We need to ask you to bring the new card with you to each home game, starting with the next league match against MK Dons at Adams Park on Saturday 17th August.

Thank you so much for making Missy, Pete, Mark, and me feel so welcome, and for proving that which we already suspected - this is a really special place with many wonderful people in the stands, in the office, at the training ground, and out there on the pitch.
I look forward to getting to know you better. Please feel free to stop and chat or drop me a line directly. Together, we [can] help this club improve and move in the right direction.

Yeah, I'm a Wanderer ...

Rob Couhig (signed)

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