This is the - est.1998
Highest League position ever for Wanderers - UPDATED
Sat Sep 7, 2019 19:21

..and longest unbeaten start to a Football League campaign.

Just started looking to see when a defender last scored a hat trick for Wanderers. This Might take a while!

I had initially thought, after seeing the replay of the 2nd goal a number of times, this would be confirmed as an own goal but on Monday (9th September 2019), 'The Dubious Goal Panel' awarded the second goal to JJ. See quote beloe

"Joe Jacobson's hat-trick against Lincoln City on Saturday has been officially confirmed by the EFL's Dubious Goals Panel.

The left-back's second goal - a corner which hit defender Michael Bostwick en route to the net - was referred to the Panel, who have confirmed the goal will be recorded as Jacobson's, and all official stats will be amended to reflect this.

So back to that search!

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