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Gareth Ainsworth quotes from Totally Football Show
Wed Sep 11, 2019 16:21

Ainsworth 'exclusively' told the Totally Football League Show this week following the game with Lincoln City at Adams Park.

“I’m really happy at Wycombe, they’ve been so good to me.”

But of course, I’m ambitious. I want a club that has ambitions to play in the Championship, to be as high as they possibly can. I know Lincoln City have got that ambition. What the Cowleys have built in their time there – it’s just awesome.

“I’m open to everything. Wycombe have this potential. I’m really hoping that the fans understand that, unfortunately, money is needed in football and to progress, especially to the next level. It’s going to take some serious investment.

“We have people willing to put their money in. The fans love owning their own club [Wycombe are currently owned by the supporters’ trust] and I understand that as well. But the ambition for me is to get into that Championship one way or the other.”

“My immediate future, I’m okay. I’m happy at Wycombe. But I just have this burning desire to to manage and test myself at higher levels.

“If somebody did come knocking, I’m sure that the Wycombe fans would understand that’s it’s decision time. I want Wycombe to be up there, but at the moment, we have the ceiling, this financial ceiling at the club.”

“I know that there’s plenty of interest and rumours and I think Wycombe would be open to letting me have a chat with people. They know that I want to manage higher if they can get it going at Wycombe it would be fantastic because the culture’s there. We know what we are. And I’ve got the best squad I’ve ever had. And I really believe we have a chance to finish a lot better than we did last season. That’s important, that’s the aim.”

“I think the squad is good enough…it’s just probably injuries [that might be a problem] and and the small squad I’ve got.

“I’ve only got 22 outfield players and people…and that is it. There’s no academy, there’s no youth team. We signed a guy called Ben Frempah last year on a non-contract and he actually got a game against Charlton because we were so, so small and numbers on. If we get the injuries, I can’t say we will finish as high as I think we could."

“I trust my sport scientists, I trust my physios to keep them all fit. And if if we have the perfect season like that, then, yes, we can finish very high in this league. I’d be buzzing. Can we sustain it? Hopefully, but we’ll see.

“It is pinch yourself time for all the fans, for all the players, especially for myself. We seem to have got the combinations right this season. The signings have done well. There’s been a little bit of investment from the American consortium that’s pledged a bit money, and hopefully they can get the go ahead to take over the club because I really think that’s helped.”

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