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Update on Eager Beavers film, novel
Tue Mar 3, 2015 01:07

I've been haunting the Ken's Men message boards for many years now indicating I've been working on a feature film screenplay about Jay Zeamer's crew and, by extension, the history of the 43rd BG in the early days of 1942-43. I thought I'd share that after almost twenty years of research, off and on, starting with the first version of the script I wrote back in the early '90s, I've completed a fresh, completely rewritten version of the script based on much more extensive research and knowledge of the crew members themselves, and am now marketing it.

I cannot begin to thank everyone behind, which provided so much initial help with research, and everyone I've found, and who have found me, through the forums and shared so much knowledge and experiences over the years. I think it's fair to say I've amassed more information on Zeamer's "Eager Beavers"—especially the men themselves, through their own testimony and their wonderful families—than anyone else. Over the years I was honored to hear from and speak with not just Zeamer's surviving crew members but "Doc" Gusack, David Hassemer, Bill Wilson, Art Durbeck, Neil Fairbanks, Lloyd Boren (who I visited with twice in San Antonio), Frank Hohmann, Bill Eaton, Ed Gammill, and others I'm sure I'm forgetting. The newsletters—dozens of which I still have collected on my shelf—with their war diaries and nuggets of information have been invaluable. I've made friends, too, namely Dave Armstrong, who's been haunting this forum for probably longer than I have.

Beyond the script, I plan to adapt a novel from it, and have a website dedicated to Zeamer's crew under construction that I plan to go live with once the novel is mostly finished. I'll keep the Ken's Men community posted on progress. It's been a long road, but I feel very good about my chances of getting their story, and the broader story of the early days of the 43rd, the public recognition it deserves.

Thanks so much to everyone here.

Clint Hayes

    • just a thank you to ClintFrank Hohmann, Wed Mar 4 09:48
      I am very glad to learn that you Clint are getting to the end of your work about Jay Zeamers's crew and by extension the history of the 43Bg in the early days. I will be 95 at the end of this month... more
      • Thank you, sirClint Hayes, Sat Mar 7 09:57
        Mr. Hohmann, It was a great pleasure getting to speak with you a few years ago and your input was invaluable. I did not know about Ed Gammill's passing. Thank you for letting me know. He was of great ... more
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