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Thanks for the reply!
Mon Mar 9, 2015 15:32

Dear Frank Hohmann,

Thanks for your quick reply!

While some outfits like the 3rd evidently did have fairly well full time 'photographers' who spent a lot of time taking still pictures with hand held cameras, it is my impression that this was fairly rare. I doubt my father did anything like that. It is much more likely that he either worked in a ground-based photo lab or else did aerial photography.

There are however some issues either way. He wore wings, but most aerial photographers (1) were listed as gunner-photographers and (2) got some related formal training after basic training. There is neither any indication that my father had stateside training before shipping out, and in any case there were only a couple of weeks between his end of basic training and leaving the US. On the other hand, if he worked in a photo lab, then there is the issue of why he is wearing wings on his uniform. To complicate things further, he word a triangular Signals patch on the sleeve of his uniform; there is a different one for photography.

He was a competent photographer prior to enlisting.

  • Mr. BuchignaniFrank Hohmann, Mon Mar 9 11:58
    Mr. Norman Buchignani After looking through all my 43rd information I can not find anything about your father and I can only say that I was only in the 43B.G. until June 6 1943 when I was sent home.... more
    • Thanks for the reply! — buchignani, Mon Mar 9 15:32
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