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John Barone
Getting Back to the USA from New Guinea
Sat Mar 14, 2015 14:26

Mr. Hohmann: Your service with the 43rd and later until the end of the war certainly was noteworthy and invaluable to the total war effort. Everyone reading this post profusely thanks you for what you did! My brother too continued to train new recruits in the USA until the end of the war.
But tell me, how did you guys actually get from New Guinea to the USA? It is the height of the war with Japanese fighters, subs, and surface vessels patrolling much of the Pacific. My brother was on the "SS Argentina" with the 13th Reconnaissance Group (later the 403rd BS) and they zigzagged across the Pacific for a month before they arrived in Australia in early 1942. Never heard about how he or others got back home while the war was at its height in 1943-44.
No matter if you travelled by air or sea or both, it had to be rather testy to say the least. Did you fly to Australia and then either fly or take a navy transport back to Hawaii and then on to the USA? What was the method of transport for those who left the SWPA during the war?

Regards, John Barone
Associate Life Member

  • For John BaroneFrank Hohmann, Sat Mar 14 10:07
    Mr Barone;It is just amazing. that you are the first person to ask that question. I and my combat crew left the 18th squadron 19thBG to follow our Pilot to the 43BG for his reasons. I enlisted in the ... more
    • Getting Back to the USA from New Guinea — John Barone, Sat Mar 14 14:26
      • How I got back to the states Frank Hohmann, Mon Mar 16 12:00
        John BARONE I along with a group of Noncoms took the first USA plane back to the states to Salt Lake City where I took a Train to Pyote Army Airbase. Texas to join the 93BS19BG. I stayed with the... more
      • returning to the StatesFrank Hohmann, Sun Mar 15 10:26
        Mr. John Barone; March 4 1943 I was TIA to the 8th Photo Squadron to train two men to become B-17E Flight Engineers. At the end of the month I returned to the 43BG only to learn that Capt. Jay Rousek ... more
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