Jack griffiths
43rd group 63rd squadron photos
Tue Apr 21, 2015 17:37

I have about 40 pictures from my grandfather. 1st lieutenant Edward Griffiths who was a pilot in the 63rd. I would like to send you digital copies to do with as you wish. Where can I send them to

    • PicturesFrank Hohmann, Wed Apr 22 09:46
      Jack Griffiths I was never in the 63rd so I am not interest in 63 pictures. Thanks for the offer. there is a new sectary now in the 43rd that may take your pictures. FH
    • PhotosLouise Terrell, Wed Apr 22 03:39
      Jack, thanks for the follow-up. You can send them to me electronically at secretary43bgroup@gmail.com My thought is that this is a rather large file; if that is the case, I'd recommend you put them... more
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