Martha Hess
question from Jean Byrne
Tue Jul 7, 2015 14:46

I am writing this message for Jean Byrne whose late husband was one of Ken's Men. Here is her question:
My husband, Arthur D. Byrne left a large envelop of snap shots that he took while in the Iwo Jima Je Shima area in the later days of WWII. I believe they should be with the records and archives of the 43rd Bomb Group, Ken's Men. Please send me an address to which I may mail them. Thank you so much for your service and your help.


Jean Byrne

    • PhotosLouise Terrell, Wed Jul 8 07:40
      Martha/Jean, you can send the photos to me. I am the Secretary for the 43rd Bomb Group Association and will make sure these photos get to our Historian. You can mail them to: Louise V Terrell 207... more
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