Re: No Subject
Tue Oct 6, 2015 09:13

Jim, I've been trying to send my email with the photos to Louise but they are bouncing. She suggested that I contact you directly and maybe I can sent them to you and you can maybe get them to her. It took a while to sort and scan all this info and photos. I sure hope you can help me out. If you're amenable to it, just send me an email where I can direct my reply.

Thanks! Roman J. Polaski

  • No SubjectAnonymous, Wed Sep 30 21:41
    hHi Roman, Please post a photo or two. Some one of us might be able to give you information about your dad. Thanks. Jim Cherkauer
    • Re: No Subject — Anonymous, Tue Oct 6 09:13
      • Email with photos Louise, Wed Oct 7 08:09
        Good morning to you both - Jim and Roman, Roman, I did actually receive your full email to the secretary43bgroup address. It was a great read and included I believe 14 photos. Jim, let me know if you ... more
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