Louise Terrell
Re: Fred Wesche
Fri Oct 30, 2015 09:05

Hi Drew, I perused the 43rd's History from that period, mention of the loss of BG Walker's plane, but not a lot of detail.
I did find several photos of a big awards presentation in the 43rd in June of 1943, medals presented by Gen Kenney. Several photos, but most do not have names associated with them. I could send those to you if you provide me an email address and you can see if you recognize your Dad in any of them.
I have seen several sites as well that reference your Dad receiving the DSC - cannot imagine your Dad never mentioning that. Saw on Wiki that your Dad said he and the other men received an Air Medal for that particular mission.
Let me know if you'd like the photos...

  • Re: Fred WescheDrew Wesche, Wed Oct 28 07:49
    Loise; My father recorded an interview at Rutgers University (his alma mater) as part of the university's Oral History project. The transcript of his interview can be found at:... more
    • Re: Fred Wesche — Louise Terrell, Fri Oct 30 09:05
      • Fred WescheDrew, Fri Oct 30 10:23
        Louise: Thnaks very much! You can send the photos to me at: drew.c.wesche.ctr@mail.mil If he is in there, I am sure to recognize him!
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