Lt. Kenneth Hillas
Wed Feb 24, 2016 09:13


I am the grandson of Kenneth M Hillas. He flew a B24 with the 65th. I am trying to find out some more information about his service. It looks like he served with a crew someone else posted in another section on this site:

Crew: Captain Lt. Kenneth Hillas (1092), Engineer John Raibel, James W. Dobb (1051) (not sure if he was co-pilot), Radio Operator Edward Shaw, Gunners Hubert Messex and Fred Cordaway.

If anyone has any information about him or this crew, or the aircraft they flew (looks like either Pappy's Passion or Soldiers' Bonus) I would certainly appreciate it!

Robert Bussmann-

    • 43rd AND 431ST bs(H) Tommy Strother , Wed Aug 10 22:46
      LT ROBERT! My Aunt's fiancee, TSGT Frank Maxwell, USAAF flew in the 431st BS(H) in the 11TH Bomb Group, 7th Air Force. I think they were originally IN the 43rd BS(h)but "splintered off" after PEARL... more
    • Lt Kenneth HillasLouise Terrell, Thu Feb 25 09:26
      Hi Robert, I have found reference to your grandfather in several previous newsletters. I will forward those to you momentarily - maybe there will be a few clues there. Louise Terrell Secretary, 43rd... more
      • Re: Lt Kenneth HillasJim Cherkauer, Wed Dec 28 16:57
        Robert, Your grandfather, Ken Hilas,, served his tour in the 65th, at Clark Field, overlapping my tour as a pilot in the 65th. After so any years have passed since 1945, I really can't remember much... more
    • Robert Bussmannfrank hohmannn, Thu Feb 25 08:55
      R Bussmann I was in the 65 in the 43BG but I was in the 43 when we were flying B-17s and I was sent back to the states June 6 1943 I am sorry that I can not help you. Frank Hohmann
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