frank hohmannn
Robert Bussmann
Thu Feb 25, 2016 08:55

R Bussmann I was in the 65 in the 43BG but I was in the 43 when we were flying B-17s and I was sent back to the states June 6 1943 I am sorry that I can not help you.
Frank Hohmann

  • Lt. Kenneth HillasRobert Bussmann, Wed Feb 24 09:13
    Hello! I am the grandson of Kenneth M Hillas. He flew a B24 with the 65th. I am trying to find out some more information about his service. It looks like he served with a crew someone else posted in... more
    • 43rd AND 431ST bs(H) Tommy Strother , Wed Aug 10 22:46
      LT ROBERT! My Aunt's fiancee, TSGT Frank Maxwell, USAAF flew in the 431st BS(H) in the 11TH Bomb Group, 7th Air Force. I think they were originally IN the 43rd BS(h)but "splintered off" after PEARL... more
    • Lt Kenneth HillasLouise Terrell, Thu Feb 25 09:26
      Hi Robert, I have found reference to your grandfather in several previous newsletters. I will forward those to you momentarily - maybe there will be a few clues there. Louise Terrell Secretary, 43rd... more
      • Re: Lt Kenneth HillasJim Cherkauer, Wed Dec 28 16:57
        Robert, Your grandfather, Ken Hilas,, served his tour in the 65th, at Clark Field, overlapping my tour as a pilot in the 65th. After so any years have passed since 1945, I really can't remember much... more
    • Robert Bussmann — frank hohmannn, Thu Feb 25 08:55
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