Eager Beavers novel and Laverton
Sat Mar 5, 2016 14:03

Hello all. I'm here with an update and a question.

First the update. As mentioned in previous newsletters, I did finish my feature screenplay about Jay Zeamer's "Eager Beavers"—and by extension, life in the 43rd as a whole—and am currently trying to get it produced, either as a film or miniseries. It's an incredibly hard business to break into, so I can make no guarantees, but war films in general and WWII films and series specifically have found a resurgence lately, so I believe there are reasons for hope.

Beyond that, I'm currently adapting my script into a novel which will be published this summer, so whatever happens on the big or small screen, there will be a book. I'm also working on a website that will contain a voluminous amount of previously unavailable information on Zeamer and his crew. I'll continue to post updates as I finish.

Now the question, which relates to the book: Who knows about Laverton air base in 1942? I've gathered quite a bit of information from newsletters, diaries, and interviews over the years about the other bases used by the 43rd—Port Moresby, Iron Range, Torrens Creek, etc.—but I'm going back farther in history in the novel than the screenplay, and have little information on Laverton circa summer 1942. So anyone with information on it from that time period, I'd love to hear from you. Thanks in advance!

It's going to a fun year.

Clint Hayes
Allen, TX

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    • LavertonDavid Armstrong, Thu Jun 9 21:44
      Did you ever receive any info on Laverton, Clint?
      • Not much, but . . .Clint Hayes, Thu Jun 9 23:11
        Hey, Dave. Most of my digging came up empty, but what I did find gave me enough to go on. I found a good aerial photo as well as a diary that gave some fun color. Between that and the 403rd BS diary, ... more
        • LavertonDavid Armstrong, Fri Jun 10 02:01
          Glad you found some info, Clint. "Ken's Men ..." has a few mentions, but I didn't read them.
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