Annemarie Calderala
Frank Calderala
Sat Mar 5, 2016 23:34

If anyone knew my dad, Frank Calderala and has a story to share I'd love to hear it. He passed away some time ago. He never really said much about his time in the service. That may be because by the time I cam around all the stories has been told.

    • Your dadClint Hayes, Tue Mar 8 16:13
      Annemarie, In the course of my research on Jay Zeamer and his crew I've come across references to your dad in a few places. Send me an e-mail so I have yours and as I find them I can send them to... more
      • Email addressAnnemarie, Thu Mar 10 20:32
        To Clint Hayes I was not sure if you got my email.
      • Re: Your dadAnnemarie, Tue Mar 8 22:19
        My email is FYI when my Dad was at American University he and other vets from his class wrote a book of short stories called the Purple Testament Wolfe was the editor. The story... more
        • for the love of a SolierFrank Hohmann, Sun Mar 13 10:01
          This Book sounds interesting to me and I would like have it Frank Hohmann
        • Re: Your dadClint Hayes, Sat Mar 12 11:26
          Annemarie, Thanks for the e-mail address. The book sounds fascinating. If it's not too much trouble, yes, I'd love to have a copy of that. I'll respond to you privately with whatever I can find that... more
        • Purple Testament - WolfeLouise Terrell, Thu Mar 10 10:33
          Hi Annemarie - I read a little about the book online. If it is not too difficult, I'd be interested in reading whatever you have. If hard to scan it all, even what your Dad wrote would be great to... more
    • Frank CalderalaLouise Terrell, Mon Mar 7 21:44
      Annemarie - I found reference to your Dad in two of our old newsletters. One, page 11 of the June '86 newsletter, appears to be an address update. The other, page 12 of the Feb '89 newsletter, seems... more
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