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Earl Rogers a.k.a Rosengarten
Wed May 4, 2016 14:17

Hello, my wife's grandfather was Earl Rogers a.k.a. Earl Rosengarten during the war. I believe he was the radioman on your father's crew. He is on the top right of the photo of Fred Wesche and Crew - New Guinea on this website. Earl also received the Distinguished Service Cross. He was extremely proud of this. He never told me what specifically this medal was awarded for, though. Sadly, Earl passed away last Veterans Day. Before he passed he did tell me of a mission in which they were flying and the General's aircraft ahead of them was shot and they circled around to try to help but the General's plane was lost. Do you happen to know the name of the plane that your father flew? My wife and I would like to find a photo of it to go with a memorial have for Earl.

  • No SubjectDrew Wesche, Tue Oct 27 12:55
    My father is Fred Wesche who flew with the 64th Squadron in 1942 and 1942. All my recollections and phots indicate he was awarded the Silver Star. He passed in August 2001 and recently I did some... more
    • Earl Rogers a.k.a Rosengarten — David Follman, Wed May 4 14:17
      • "Rosie"Drew Wesche, Thu May 5 07:20
        David: I recall that my Dad kept in touch with Earl (known as Rosie) Not sure which aircraft they were flying. I will be getting my Dad's Log Books from my sister this weekend and will b looking at... more
        • Re: "Rosie"David Follman, Thu May 5 19:39
          Drew, Thank you so much! Best regards, David
    • Fred WescheLouise Terrell, Wed Oct 28 07:13
      Hi Drew, intriguing post. Can you provide your Dad's full name, serial number and dates of assignment with the 43rd BG so we can do some digging in the 43rd's historical records? Do you have any... more
      • Re: Fred WescheDrew Wesche, Wed Oct 28 07:49
        Loise; My father recorded an interview at Rutgers University (his alma mater) as part of the university's Oral History project. The transcript of his interview can be found at:... more
        • Re: Fred WescheLouise Terrell, Fri Oct 30 09:05
          Hi Drew, I perused the 43rd's History from that period, mention of the loss of BG Walker's plane, but not a lot of detail. I did find several photos of a big awards presentation in the 43rd in June... more
          • Fred WescheDrew, Fri Oct 30 10:23
            Louise: Thnaks very much! You can send the photos to me at: If he is in there, I am sure to recognize him!
      • Re: Fred WescheDrew Wesche, Wed Oct 28 07:38
        Luise: Thanks for the quick reply! My father was Frederick F. Wesche III. I believe his Serial Number was 12008556. He entered the Army Air Corps in september 1940 and was released from Active Duty... more
        • re: Fred WescheNormB, Thu Oct 29 14:48
          The US Dept of Defense's list of recipients includes your father. See for WW2. This list has no official standing, but ... more
        • re: Fred WescheNormB, Thu Oct 29 14:43
          The US Dept of Defense's list of recipients includes your father. See for WW2. This list has no official standing, but ... more
          • re Fred WescheClintFrederick, Sat Oct 31 00:14
            You Might check out "The Army Air Forces in WWII volume IV The Pacific: Guadalcanal to Saipan August 1942 to July 1944 - My father is mentioned in several places in the book. George Frederick See... more
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