Not much, but . . .
Thu Jun 9, 2016 23:11

Hey, Dave. Most of my digging came up empty, but what I did find gave me enough to go on. I found a good aerial photo as well as a diary that gave some fun color. Between that and the 403rd BS diary, I'm as good as I need to be. If anyone's dad served in the original 403rd contingent, though, and has a diary and/or photos, I'd love to hear from them.


  • LavertonDavid Armstrong, Thu Jun 9 21:44
    Did you ever receive any info on Laverton, Clint?
    • Not much, but . . . — Clint Hayes, Thu Jun 9 23:11
      • LavertonDavid Armstrong, Fri Jun 10 02:01
        Glad you found some info, Clint. "Ken's Men ..." has a few mentions, but I didn't read them.
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