Jim Cherkauer
Re: Lt Kenneth Hillas
Wed Dec 28, 2016 16:57

Your grandfather, Ken Hilas,, served his tour in the 65th, at Clark Field, overlapping my tour as a pilot in the 65th. After so any years have passed since 1945, I really can't remember much about him. I do recall that I visited him in his tent at least once but have no idea what we talked about. He was a very pleasant person though. I don't recall when he finished his tour and headed home.
Rudolph "Jim" Cherkauer

  • Lt Kenneth HillasLouise Terrell, Thu Feb 25 09:26
    Hi Robert, I have found reference to your grandfather in several previous newsletters. I will forward those to you momentarily - maybe there will be a few clues there. Louise Terrell Secretary, 43rd... more
    • Re: Lt Kenneth Hillas — Jim Cherkauer, Wed Dec 28 16:57
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