John Barone
Great reference source
Sun Dec 3, 2017 19:08

Perhaps some of you know about this reference but if not, you will find a wealth of information. I recently found this comprehensive source of official data on the US Army Air Force in WW2 at this website:
hyperwar U.S. Army Air Force Numbered Historical Studies.url
These official detailed studies have been declassified and include both the European and Pacific Theatre of Operations. I looking for and found the official report of the snakebite mission to Rabaul on 25 Oct 1943 where the only plane lost was B24D-42-72800 with pilot John Carlson and co-pilot Oscar Williams both killed upon impact. On this mission my brother, T/SGT Louis S. Barone, was severely injured and he along with the other seven surviving crew were rescued by a PBY Catalina. (For more on this mission see Louis' bio in the Time Capsule.) I am still trying to find out the names of the other crewmen so any information would be greatly welcomed---the MACR was done after the war and does not mention the surviving crew.

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