Congrats, and a plug
Thu Dec 14, 2017 19:51

Larry, I wanted to offer my congratulations on your book and to let you know I've plugged it to my small but growing audience on the Facebook page I created dedicated to Jay Zeamer and his crew the Eager Beavers. As someone who's spent twenty years off and on researching the various members of that crew and their war, I can relate to the process I'm sure you know well at this point. You can visit the page at

  • Sadie's BoysLarry Lewis, Wed Dec 13 12:53
    New book chronicles my uncle and my father in WW II. With respect to this group, my uncle Charlie was a B17 navigator 64th bomb group. He was KIA June 1, 1943 over Rabaul. The book describes his... more
    • Congrats, and a plug — Clint Hayes, Thu Dec 14 19:51
      • ThanksLarry Lewis, Fri Dec 15 09:46
        Thanks for the plug, greatly appreciated. Nice work on your FB page
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