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Sue Bauer
Thank you
Wed Jan 24, 2007 14:08 (XFF:

Thank you for the info, I feel like I am on the right track now.

  • CherokeesDonna, Wed Jan 24 13:43
    It might help if you can get a death certificate from the County Seat. I did that for my Cherokee who was shown white and nothing was known about her parents. There was a birthdate, but it wasn't... more
    • Thank you — Sue Bauer, Wed Jan 24 14:08
      • Re: Thank youDonna, Sun Feb 11 11:23
        I just started a Free Yahoo Group for my Cherokee Mourning West. You can do the same to find people who are related to your Cherokee. You can upload a ged com to world connect at rootsweb, and post... more
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