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Sue Bauer
Pierce Family
Thu Jan 25, 2007 00:21 (XFF:

Looking for anyone with info on the Pierce Family. My Great-'grandfather was Ed Pierce who we have been told was of Cheerokee desent. My grandmother, his dauughter, was named Edna Pierce, and I have found her listed in the Final Dawes Rolls along with some of her siblings, however not all are listed. The sisters who are not listed are Corrine, Pearl, a brother, Carol and Lester, listed are Effie, Myrtle, Edna,and Charles. I am confused why they are listed, but not their father and the other siblings.We also have the surname of Uptigraff(I may be spelling wrong), who are also to be of cheerokee desent. any info would be greatly appreciated. The families hailed from Arkansas and Oklahoma.

    • Pierce FamilyAlice Caswell, Tue Oct 14 00:20
      Hello! My family is from the Arkansas & Oklahoma area and my Grandmother's family is named Pierce. My grandmother and other relatives also said we have a Cherokee Chief as a distant Great... more
      • PierceSue Bauer, Tue Oct 14 10:11
        Hi, I was glad to get your email. My Mother who I was getting info from unfortnatly has passed away on May 27, I am still trying to piece everything together. Here is what I have, my great... more
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