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Edward Hamilton
Conducting a Background Check on Tenants!
Mon Mar 12, 2007 19:45 (XFF:

If you are like thousands who own rental properties, it is important in having the right kinds of tenants. The mere fact that an individual has a first rate impression with you, is not the means of judging ones character. A well mannered, well dressed individual who presents him or herself impressively, can still be a problem tenant. On the flipside to this, an individual who may not seem to have your qualifications in appearances and manners, maybe the most perfect candidate as a tenant. Conducting a background check for applicants is always in the best interest of the landlord.

It is important to have the tenant sign a consent form to conduct a background check. A Prospective Tenant who declines the consent form to authorize the landlord to conduct background check, usually have something to hide. Some prospective clients think that criminal backgrounds are all that will show up on their reports. So with confidence, they do sign the background check consent form. Little do they know that tenant records are actually included on these type Reports.

It is advisable not to take deposit money from a candidate before conducting a background check on the individual(s). Conducting your own reference checking can save you money; but keep in mind that most prospective tenants will only provide good reference. For most landlords, they charge prospective clients 50-$80 non-refundable application fee, which normally covers the full Background check report.

Taking the right steps now will insure that later down the road, you will be certain you made the right choice in choosing a tenant. By conducting a professional background check, landlords do not only protect their rights as property owners, they protect the rights of the potential tenants.

Background Checks provides detailed information on Criminal Background Check, Employment Back Ground Check, it includes, bankruptcies, sexual offenses, character references, police reports and many more.

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Edward Hamilton

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