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Willis L. Peet
Reno, Reynow, Reynaw
Thu May 24, 2007 05:29 (XFF:

This I know is a longshot but here goes. For years it has been passed down that My Great great Granfather was Cherokee Indian. His name was William Reno. He had children with Cathrine Cranmore. The Cranmore's I know were from Cranmore Cove in Rhea Co. Tennessee. They had a daughter, My Great Grandmother Martha Who married at about age 16 to William Wetherbee, Wetherby. She was born about 1880 or later.My Grandpa as Laurence Clark Wetherbee who married Mildred Smith of Dayton Tennessee. Laurene was born July 10 1913 and went to Kiuka school between Dayton and Pikeville. L.C. and Mildred had the following. Cathrine Mildred b: Tennessee Eunice L. b: Pittsburg, Walker Co. Georgia, Judy Ann b: Elyria Ohio and Lois Marie b: Elyria, Ohio. I always heard that William Reno was Cherokee but many say that The Cranmore's were as well? Any help would be greatly welcomed. Thanks. Willis L. Peet Spencer, Ohio

    • Cranmorenailfans, Sat Jun 25 04:54
      I wonder if this is the same Cranmore family as Josiah and Rebecca Cranmore, lived in Cranmore Cove around 1850. This was my 3rd great grandfather and grandmother on my mom's side. Rumor has it that... more
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