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Seeking 'Isdell' connection
Fri Aug 17, 2007 17:49 (XFF:

I'm looking for Cherokee connections to the name - "Isdell".

All my life, I have been told my family is 'part-Cherokee', on my father's side, with my paternal grandfather's surname being 'Isdell'. (I've also been told by several family members, that we're related to some chief, from a long time ago, but haven't been able to get a name for that chief, so far. I know, I know, many people are going to say that family members often lie about the 'chief connection', but I have a hunch the story may be true, since there seems to be some old land connected to the chief lineage, which supposedly, last I heard, one family member was still holding onto)

Apparently there are some 'Isbells' on some of the old rolls, but I haven't found any direct connections, so far...

My family has always been kind of closed-mouthed about the 'Indian roots', so I haven't been able to get much solid info out of them.

I feel I may have some distant memories of visiting Native American relatives, and perhaps visiting a reservation, when I was very young, but I've received no confirmation of this from family members. (we don't really talk anymore, as I live far away now, and there were some personal issues that drove us apart)

I think they might have been in the Alabama or Georgia area, but I'm not really sure.

I'd like to get to the bottom of things, and perhaps reconnect with any Native American relatives who might still be out there... I feel some part of me is missing them.

Thanks for listening...

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