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Mary J. McEltim (1843-1914)
Tue Jul 1, 2008 08:56 (XFF:

Hi there,
My mother has told me that her maternal grandmother always claimed to be 1/8 Native American. I've recently started researching my family tree and of this grandmother's ancestors, the only one for whom I cannot find information on their parents is Mary J. McEltim, born 1843, died 1914. She married Marcus L McGuffin who was born in 1840 in Hardin County, Kentucky, and died in 1890. My mother thinks her grandmother said that her Native American ancestor was Cherokee. Maybe this is a longshot, but I can't imagine why my great-grandmother would have told my mother this whole story if it weren't true. If it is true, this Mary McEltim would have been 1/2 Cherokee. I'd appreciate any information anyone might have on Mary J. McEltim and her possibly Native American ancestors. Thanks!

Valerie O.

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