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Tue Oct 14, 2008 10:11 (XFF:

I was glad to get your email. My Mother who I was getting info from unfortnatly has passed away on May 27, I am still trying to piece everything together. Here is what I have, my great grandfather was Ed Pierce who married Betty ( unknown maiden name) , his father was Jim Pierce who married Hannah ( unknown maiden name) of Ed and Bettys children I know some of the names were : Edna (my grandmother who married John Mackey), Corrine ( who married Guy Busby) , Pearl ( who married Fred Jones),Carol( a man), I have to find the list for the others, there were a lot of children in my granmas family. I did find some of the names in the Dawes Rolls including my grandmas. I hope to hear from you soon maybe there is a family tree here. Thanks Sue

  • Pierce FamilyAlice Caswell, Tue Oct 14 00:20
    Hello! My family is from the Arkansas & Oklahoma area and my Grandmother's family is named Pierce. My grandmother and other relatives also said we have a Cherokee Chief as a distant Great... more
    • Pierce — Sue Bauer, Tue Oct 14 10:11
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