Re: Suggs
Sat Sep 3, 2011 16:18

I am douing research for a friend on the Suggs Family. She is granddaughter of Viola Suggs b.1882 d. 197
Father Henry Clayton Sugg
Mother Elzina Sophronia Tucker Jacson

  • Elias SuggsJeff Inman, Thu Jun 30 09:02
    I have a letter from Elias Suggs Brother's Daughter Viola Treva Suggs that states the Grand mother, Charloette Spoon was a full blood Cherokee Indian and that Elias went to Oklahoma to claim his... more
    • Elias, Emily and CharlottDennis Suggs, Mon Mar 21 16:08
      Charlott Spoon is my 3rd Great Grandmother. I can verify that she was Cherokee. I have 3.85% native American Indian on my analysis. Exactly what would be expected calculating for a relative at that... more
    • Re: Suggs — Anonymous, Sat Sep 3 16:18
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