Connie K Zavala
direct descendant of Chief John Ross
Mon Sep 2, 2013 21:21

I was told that Chief John Ross is my Great-great-great grandfather on my Mother's side. I would like to find out more about this DNA project. If you could e-mail me the information I would really appreciate it. You can reply to me at Thank you so much.

  • Chief John Ross DNAAshley Yochum, Wed Oct 8 14:40
    I am a direct descendant of Chief John Ross through my father. If you are still interested in finding someone, then contact me at A Yochum
    • John Ross DNA projectKimberley Russell, Mon Feb 19 10:34
      How are you going to prove those who provide you samples really are related to John Ross? My Father in law looks just like him, and his family was Cherokee, Scot and Irish. I was curious how these... more
    • am i relatedJason Richard Ross, Sun Jul 13 03:43
      I would like to know if I'm related to Chief John Ross. Like him, I am of Scottish decent. An Email with information on how to find out if I'm related will be greatly appreciated.
    • direct descendant of Chief John Ross — Connie K Zavala, Mon Sep 2 21:21
    • Chief John Ross DescendantJames Underwood, Fri Jun 22 18:44
      I believe I may be the great-great-great grandson on Chief John Ross' sister. Her name was Elizabeth Ross 1789-1876.
    • nannie rossjim meeks, Thu Oct 28 19:16
      My g-grandmother was Nannie Ross,and she was supposedly the granddaughter of chief john Ross, can anyone help me prove my lineage?
    • John RossKatrina Ross, Sun Jul 25 05:15
      Hello, my name is Katrina Ross and I live in England. I recently visited Inverness Archive Centre with 2 of my sisters and spoke to a genealogist. We have a very old photo of my great, great,... more
      • what is the dna testing for?Brittany Ross, Mon Oct 28 18:31
        Yes, i am from Stilwell OKlahoma my name is Brittany Ross and i am an 8th cherokee and was told that i am Cheif John Ross 5th great granddaughter i think i might be able to call and ask cherokee... more
        • Re: what is the dna testing for?Cherie, Mon Jul 14 06:42
          Brittany, I have a Ross DNA project at I woud love to have a sample from your line, but it needs to be a male descendant of Chief John Ross. Could your father, brother, or... more
          • DNA testingcherie_ohlsson, Tue May 3 06:22
            Anyone wanting to discuss DNA testing can reach me at The person testing should be a male Ross (no female Ross in the paternal line). YDNA is handed down father to son to... more
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