Re: what is the dna testing for?
Mon Jul 14, 2014 06:42

Brittany, I have a Ross DNA project at I woud love to have a sample from your line, but it needs to be a male descendant of Chief John Ross. Could your father, brother, or uncle (Ross) test? We would love a sample of the Chief. Thank you!

  • what is the dna testing for?Brittany Ross, Mon Oct 28 18:31
    Yes, i am from Stilwell OKlahoma my name is Brittany Ross and i am an 8th cherokee and was told that i am Cheif John Ross 5th great granddaughter i think i might be able to call and ask cherokee... more
    • Re: what is the dna testing for? — Cherie, Mon Jul 14 06:42
      • DNA testingcherie_ohlsson, Tue May 3 06:22
        Anyone wanting to discuss DNA testing can reach me at The person testing should be a male Ross (no female Ross in the paternal line). YDNA is handed down father to son to... more
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