DNA testing
Tue May 3, 2016 06:22

Anyone wanting to discuss DNA testing can reach me at The person testing should be a male Ross (no female Ross in the paternal line). YDNA is handed down father to son to son to son. There are maternal tests that can be done but you would need two women with documentation back to the same woman (say Chief John Ross's mother) to test to see if they match. Thanks, Cherie.

  • Re: what is the dna testing for?Cherie, Mon Jul 14 06:42
    Brittany, I have a Ross DNA project at I woud love to have a sample from your line, but it needs to be a male descendant of Chief John Ross. Could your father, brother, or... more
    • DNA testing — cherie_ohlsson, Tue May 3 06:22
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