Gilbert Pellitier aka (Peltier)
Mon Oct 10, 2016 17:28

My grandfather was Israel William Peltier. He was born in 1878 in Houghton, Michigan. His parents were Elie Gilbert Pellitier aka Peltier and Rosalie Pellitier (Pichereau). Gilbert died in 1933 and was buried in Ste. Melanie QC. Rosalie was born on 1857 in Joliette QC. Gilbert and Rosalie were married on Nov 13, 1877. Rosalie died in 1934 in St. Thomas QC.

    • Re: Gilbert Pellitier aka (Peltier)Louise Pelletier, Wed Dec 14 12:25;article=5611;search_term=Anjou
      • Gilbert Pelletier aka Peltier - Réponse de LouiseRichard Pelletier, Thu Dec 22 12:42
        Chère Louise La référence donnée à Rondoe en réponse à sa demande concernant Gilbert Pelletier correspond beaucoup plus à la demande formulée un peu auparavant par Jean-Marie Pelletier au sujet de la ... more
        • Pellitier familyRondoe, Fri Dec 23 10:09
          Thank you for this information. My grandfather's name was changed slightly from Pellitier to Peltier as he drew up in the USA. Most of the family remained in Quebec but my grandfather at some point... more
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