Tim Peltier
Peltier's who immigrated to New York
Thu Aug 24, 2017 19:41

Hello. I'm a Peltier from cohoes, New York. I believe at some point in Canada or maybe when they imirrgrayed they changed the name to peltier. My 2nd great grandfather Andrew Peltier born in 1875 in French Canada and immigrated to the US in 1886. Any help would be great. Thank you.

    • Peltier familyRoy Rondoe, Fri Aug 25 08:17
      Hello Tim Mt mother's maiden name was Peltier. Her Father (my Grandfather) was Israel William Peltier (1878 - 1966). He was born in Michigan but spent most of his life in western MA and northwestern... more
      • Elie Gilbertdebbiehyg, Sun Aug 27 16:15
        Hi Roy, Elie Gilbert Peltier was baptised and born 4 February 1857 to Jean Baptiste Peltier and Marguerite Pichette in Ste-Mélanie. I've add the link to his record at FamilySearch:... more
        • Elie PeltierRoy Rondoe, Mon Aug 28 09:41
          Hi Thanks for sending this link. I also found that Elie's Grandfather was named Jean Baptiste Peltier and his Grandmother was Emilie Peltier but I have no further info on either of these people. I... more
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