Ray Pilkey
Pilkey/Pelletier Link
Wed Jan 2, 2019 17:33

Hi my name is Ray Pilkey and live in Ontario Canada. Sorry I am not fluent in French as many of my distant relatives are, only English. In the last year my DNA results came back and it shows that I have many distant cousins whose surnames are Pelletier. My father always said we are descendent from the Pelletier's. A distant relative of mine Luella Shank created a book in 1998 on the Pilkey genealogy called "A PILKEY FAMILY GENEALOGY 1774-1998". Luella wrote letters to many Pilkey families in North America asking for their family lineage to compile the book (no computers back then). As it turns out close to one hundred percent of the people who have the surname Pilkey (living or deceased) are descendant from Pierre de Pelletier (otherwise known as Peter Pilkey) (Born 30 June 1774 in Quebec - 5 August 1856). He married Sara Catharine Barnhart Born abt. 1784 - 1871. Both are buried in Lion Wexford Cemetery in Scarborough, Ontario, Canada. They had nine sons. Luella indicated that records of Peter's ancestors were lost in a church fire in Quebec and there does not seem to be a good record of where Peter links into all of the Pelletier families. I have an ancestry tree in Ancestry.ca where I continue to look for the missing link. Many of my Pilkey relatives also have their Trees on the same website and have had limited success in finding the link.

Perhaps there are Pelletier families out there who have better records on the missing link to my family ancestors?
Thanks for your interest.

    • Re: Pilkey/Pelletier LinkLouise Pelletier, Thu Jan 3 09:04
      Please make your request to the following e-mail https://www.genealogy.com/forum/surnames/topics/pelkey/
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