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What type of Siamese do we have?
Sun Apr 10, 2011 19:16

Hello! We just adopted a kitty last week and are sure she is a type of Siamese. Is there anyone who can tell me what type she is? I think Snowshoe, but thats just from looking at pictures on Google lol. Here are a few links to pictures of her. She is beautiful, and so very good!

    • Your catAshleigh Dye, Fri Apr 12 22:12
      Your cat, couch, and even the white cord is reminiscent of our own belongings haha! We have a male snowshoe siamese and he looks EXACTLY like your female. It's scary haha!
    • What a pretty cat!Jean, Mon Apr 11 11:01
      First, congratulations on doing the best thing you can do for a cat - adopting one! She's very pretty. Her long fur gives her away as a mix, but you might well think of her as a long haired snowshoe... more
      • Re: What a pretty cat!Sherie, Mon Apr 11 12:47
        Thank you so much for your reply! She is an amazing kitty, and having her for only a week, feels like shes been with us for her whole life. I believe adopting is a wonderful thing to do as well.... more
    • Re: What type of Siamese do we have?Tamara, Mon Apr 11 07:03
      She is a pretty kitty. From the pictures, I'd say she is either a Birman or Ragdoll mix.
    • Re: What type of Siamese do we have?Sherie, Sun Apr 10 19:19
      Sorry about the HUGE pictures! I thought they would just be links to the pictures. Haha
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