sudden death of young siamese
Sun Mar 10, 2013 16:08

Last week my 17 month old male Cinnamon Point Siamese went out but failed to return. He was found by my neighbour dead in her back garden. We took his body to the vet to be cremated, the vet viewed his body, only finding a tiny puncture wound on his hind left leg. There were absolutely no signs of a car hitting him, and he was in a back garden, and the vet could find no sign of any broken bones. I wonder if anyone would have any idea what he could have died of? He was very healthy and lively and had never been to the vet for any illnesses apart from a bee sting when very young.

    • your catgerry, Sat Jun 22 20:08
      hi There, I have only just tonight joined this site, in the last 2 years we have lost 3 Siamese to the road, not what I thought a busy road , we live in a cul de sac and they went to the back where... more
      • Re: your catTamara, Sun Jun 23 13:43
        I'm sorry you've lost so many :(. This should be a reminder to everyone that even roads that aren't busy can be the death of a cat.
    • Re: sudden death of young siameseTamara, Mon Mar 11 07:35
      I am sorry for your loss. It's hard to lose them especially when they are so young. Outdoors is full of hidden dangers that only a necropsy would show. It's possible that he found some antifreeze on... more
      • Sudden deathJean, Mon Mar 11 12:44
        I am very sorry to hear of this loss. A small puncture wound might also suggest a snakebite. Sadly, statistics do show that cats allowed outside only have an average lifespan of about 2 years.... more
        • Re: Sudden deathTamara, Mon Mar 11 13:41
          I hope the little calico stays safe.
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